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St. Anthony Church

4 Union City Road, Prospect, CT

Altar Servers

Training for New Altar Servers

The altar server ministry will offer a training program for new altar servers beginning in September.  Servers are needed at all Masses but there is a particular need for the 7:30 AM Mass on Sunday.  The training usually includes two sessions in the evening which last about 2 hours each.  Servers then work as novices with experienced servers until they are ready to be placed on the schedule.  Families many choose their primary Mass time. Once their training is completed servers usually serve once every three weeks.

Altar serving is a great way for young Catholics to learn the traditions of their faith.  Servers must be of age to enter the 4th grade and must have received their first Holy Communion. Many of our altar servers stay on in the ministry until they graduate from high school.

If you have any questions or wish to sign up for the training course please contact David Byrne at the Parish Center by email at stanthonyserver@gmail.com or call 203-758-4056 ext. 17.  You can also sign up by using the on-line form below.


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