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St. Anthony Church

4 Union City Road, Prospect, CT

Evelyn Kiley

Originally an LPN, Evelyn Kiley has always been ministering to others. She began her career here at St Anthony almost 30 years ago when the pastor at the time, Father O’Dea asked her to help at the parish center. There were four priests in residence at the time and there was a lot going on here. She soon learned of an evangelization program run by the Archdiocese. Evelyn attended that program for one year and began to minister parishioners in need as well as reach out to others in hopes of bringing them back to the church.

That work lead her to a Biblical study program, a Lay Ministry Bereavement internship and finally to the Pastoral Biblical School for Pastoral care. Her prayer life increased and the Lord lead her to new ministries to serve others. Since then, she has been the Pastoral Minister at St Anthony Church. The positon is multifaceted to say the least. Her faith continues to guide her through all these experiences. She meets the needs of many on a daily basis. She consoles the bereaved for almost a year past their loss. She visits the sick and elderly in hospitals and at home, bringing them Communion and company. She also organizes and runs the food pantry and the Christmas giving tree donations. She helps destitute parishioners find outside resources. She can often be seen running back and forth from her office in the Parish center to the food pantry in the church when someone arrives for assistance. Evelyn’s generous nature is a God send and an inspiration to many in the Parish.

Evelyn came to CT many years ago from MA when her husband was offered a job in New Haven. Although now a widow, together they raised a family which continues to grow with six children, nineteen grandchildren and fourteen great grandchildren.  Evelyn declares Easter as her favorite holiday since it deepens her faith.