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St. Anthony Church

4 Union City Road, Prospect, CT

Katie Blinstrubas

Katie Blinstrubas is the Primary Faith Formation Director. She is responsible for the Pre-K-6 Faith Formation programming. Together with Secondary Faith Formation Director, Katie organizes the yearly calendars and budget, enlists catechists and coordinates the registration of the students. Additionally, with the help of catechists, Katie develops the curriculum for each grade. “That’s the administrative aspect of my job,” she stated, “the fun part is working with the children and helping families develop faith practices at home.” 

The former Katie Sabo grew up in St. Anthony Parish and has been involved with the Faith Formation program at St. Anthony since high school when she was a catechist. She moved back to Prospect in the late 80’s, she began a music ministry within the faith formation program. Katie was instrumental in establishing the Summer Bible camp. In 2005 she took over the position as Primary Faith Formation Director and considers working with our parish families for 12 years a blessing.

Working with the children has also strengthened her own beliefs, “Children have such pure and wonder-filled faith. It is inspiring. It is a gift from the Holy Spirit. As we grow older doubt settles in and takes away that wonder. Looking at our children and working with them helps me constantly to draw on that gift for my own faith life. As Jesus told the apostles to bring the children to him (Mt 19:14) and that we must be become children if we want to enter heaven (Mt 18:3).”

“My favorite holiday is Christmas, it celebrates family. Our children work so hard to bring the gift of the pageant to Christ and our parish family. However, my absolute favorite day at St Anthony is the celebration of First Eucharist. The joy and pure faith of the children is amazing.  As adults we take the Eucharist for granted, while the children, receiving Christ for the first time, glow with grace!”

Katie is married to Peter Blinstrubas and they have 4 sons. “Our family has grown to include in-laws and a granddaughter. We have three dogs and two cats and lots of vacuuming!

A surprising fact that you may not know about Mrs. Blinstrubas is that she aspires to one day hike the Appalachian Trail with her husband. “as a young wife, I promised Peter that I would hike the trail with him and I intend to keep it. However, I would prefer to do it piece meal rather than all at once. That part is still under negotiation