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St. Anthony Church

4 Union City Road – Prospect, CT 06712 – 203-758-4056

Pumpkin Patch

2016 Pumpkin Patch

October 8-31, 2016

Hours are weekdays 3pm – 6pm and weekends 10-am – 5 pm

Thank you for supporting our Patch this year!!

All funds raised at the Pumpkin Patch support the Hope Ministry which seeks to assist members of our parish and the entire Prospect community to identify the reasons they are in need and work to change them. It acts as a resource to connect people with services of which they may not be aware and supports them in the process of acquiring them. It provides a financial source of assistance, while at the same time, assuring accountability and responsibility.




Volunteer Form (fill-in on-line and submit)

Please note: Volunteers are asked to be 13 years or older.  All high school and CYO students will receive community service hours for their participation.  Girl and Boy Scouts are welcome to volunteer, however, they need to be accompanied by their Scout Leader.  Any questions please email: prospectpumpkinpatch@aol.com

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