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St. Anthony Church

4 Union City Rd – Prospect, CT

Scott Lamontagne

Born and raised in Prospect, Scott Lamontagne moved to Colorado in 2013 when exciting opportunity came from Lowes Home Improvement Store for Scott to manage a store in Colorado. 
In late 2014, Scott had to make the difficult decision to come back to Prospect. He had been sick for many months and tests results were inconclusive but his symptoms were getting worse. Scott was losing feeling in his feet and muscle control. A dozen doctors could not diagnose his illness or help the pain. He moved back in with his parents in Prospect, who became his caretakers. In the Spring of 2015, Scott was finally and miraculously diagnosed with Lyme Disease and treated with the correct antibiotic. Getting back on his feet was difficult, but he had the will to get healthy and live a productive life. Scott was starting over, but not without the love and support of his family and friends.
As he healed, he wanted to get back into the work force, but he had not worked in some time. Scott looked to the place where he felt most alive and comfortable…. the church. Fortunately, Father Mark was looking for a part time maintenance worker. He hired Scott on a temporary basis. Once he began working at St. Anthony’s most of his pain went away and he was made a permanent member of the parish staff. Scott contributes his faith and love of life for his recovery.
As a child, Scott spent a great deal of time with his dad, Bob when his mom was working and his brothers and sister were busy with activities. Bob worked most of his life as a carpenter, building houses and remodeling businesses so after work he would take Scott to side jobs. It was then that Scott began learning the carpentry craft that one can only learn from a gifted, master carpenter. It was still obvious to all who loved Scott that he was destined to be a carpenter.
In the fall of 2016, Scott was healthy and began thinking about his future. He wanted to maintain his employment with the church since he has grown to love his church family but needed to supplement his pay. He began working for a local home improvement company and realized his passion for the trade. Scott would discuss jobs at night with his Dad and Bob would come up with a game plan about the next project. Tragically, on November 16th Scott’s mentor and best friend died suddenly from heart complications. His father, Bob Lamontagne was only 75 years old. After much thought and prayer, Scott decided to start a home improvement business in honor of his dad. He thought the name “All Saints Home Improvement” was appropriate and meaningful.
All Saints Home Improvement is now in business! Scott can complete work on residential homes including painting (inside and out), decks, porches, driveway sealant, landscaping, walkways, windows and doors, and power washing to name a few. All Saints Home Improvement also offers an amazing service to “burglar-proof” the exterior and interior to assure your home is safe. Scott provides discounts to Veterans and Senior Citizens. www.allsaintshomeimprovement.com