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St. Anthony Church

4 Union City Rd – Prospect, CT


Jackpot #1 is now a MUST GO!

JOIN US at our next session Monday 6/25/18

Someone will take home $1,000.00 for Jackpot #1 plus the $150.00 Game Prize   Plus another $200.00 Bonus if the Jackpot is won in 50 numbers or less.  That’s up to $1,350.00 on the line !!  See below for details.

New and bigger prizes on our Winner Take All games.

Bigger Game Prize on the Super Jackpot Game

All-new Quickie with $250 in game prizes.

NEW GAMES !!   NEW GAMES  !!   NEW GAMES  !!  See below for a listing of our new games


Doors open at 5:30 PM    Games begin at 7:00 PM

PLEASE NOTE: Package Game sales close promptly at 7:00 PM

Did you know?……….

There is No Age Minimum to play bingo! Connecticut state law allows players under 18 to be admitted to play at  a charitable bingo game when accompanied and monitored by an adult.  However,  please understand that State law also requires anyone present during a bingo game must pay the same minimum admission required of any other player.  Our admission cost is $20 which includes 23 game prizes across 8 game sheets.  (Purchases of Progressive and Quickie games are optional)  Volunteers and administrative guests are exempt from this requirement.

—- MORE $$$$ —- MORE $$$$ —- MORE $$$$ —- MORE $$$$ —- MORE $$$$ —-

So…. what’s new at St Anthony Bingo?


Regular Bingo plus Postage Stamp, Letter ‘Y’ up or down, X-L-T, Single/Double/Triple Postage Stamp, Single/Double/Triple Bingo, Layer Cake, Top 3/Bottom 3, All but one, Letter ‘Z’, Inside Frame, and more!

2) New BIGGER GAME PRIZES on Progressive #1 at $150.00 and our all-new SUPER JACKPOT on Progressive #2 with a NEW $200.00 game prize.  Both game prizes are awarded in addition to standing Jackpots or paid alone if Jackpots are not awarded in 53 numbers or less.

ALSO….additional $200.00 BONUS paid on either Progressive game if Jackpot is won in 50 numbers or less

3) New BIGGER GAME PRIZES on our PACKAGE GAMES!…..now up to $140.00 !

5:30 PM – Doors open
5:45 PM – Kitchen sales
6:00 PM – Ticket sales
7:00 PM – Bingo session starts

Progressive Jackpot #1   $    1,000.00   MUST GO!!!
Progressive Jackpot #2   $    1,050.00  

The total with game prize and BONUS included:

Prog #1   $   1,350.00
Prog #2   $   1,450.00

No Age Minimum! $20.00 Price of admission is required of all who attend REGARDLESS OF AGE. Players under 18 are welcome and allowed to play Bingo when accompanied and monitored by an adult.

Admission: $20.00 – Minimum per player  
Includes 12-face all night package, 12-face WTA #1, 12-face WTA #2, one single-face Quickie, one door prize/admission coupon.

Additional Packages Available: $9.00 6-face package, 6-face WTA #1, 6-face WTA #2 (NO quickie) and $4.50 3-face package, 3-face WTA #1, 3-face WTA #2 (NO quickie) available in addition to regular admission.

Specials:  $1.00 each

* 2 Winner Take All – 3 face
* Progressive #1 – single face sealed  (3 face – sealed also available at $3.00)

Progressive #2 – 3 face  $1.50 each

Yellow QUICKIE – single face   $2.00 each

Door Prizes:

* $200 Rollover Cash Door Prize
* Shopping Gift Certificate
* State Lottery Scratch Tickets
* Kitchen Vouchers
* Dabbers

Delicious Dinners are served at a very reasonable price.

Burnin’ Balls and Pot o’ Gold Sealed Ticket Prize pulled weekly during Bingo Play.

Currently, we are in need of kitchen helpers.

VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED! If you can volunteer one Monday per month, please call

Saint Anthony Parish Center at 203-758-4056.